breakfast and dessert

It's no secret that I love food.  So, I thought I would share some of what I ate today...if you care...which you should...because it was delicious...Here is my breakfast: A piece of sprouted grain bread with mashed avocado spread on it, two fried eggs, and the all important cheese.  And of course my daily dose of caffeine. Dessert is a little more exciting.  I made these carrot and zucchini bars.  They're amazing! Then I made this chocolate "ice cream" which is also amazing.  Especially considering it is not even close to real ice cream.  Then I went running.  Then I had dessert. Seriously...I don't think I'll need to eat "real" dessert again unless it's a special occasion.  These two things hit the spot! My run kind of sucked.  I ran over 3 miles, which is good.  The bad part is that I felt like I was running super fast...but I was running almost 11min/mi.  Not fast.  Oh well. Note: The two photos look very different because I used a camera app on my phone that gives photos different effects.  They were taking in different light conditions so I had to use different effects to make them look the best I could.