book review: the prince of tides

This is another book I read (well, started) on my vacation last month.  I knew nothing about it when I started it (other than it was made into a movie), but ended up thoroughly enjoying it, despite the fact that it's fairly depressing.

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Pat Conroy is an excellent writer (I knew nothing about him when I started this book either).  One of the things that I think stood out about his writing is his ability to write dialogue.  I know that seems like it would be an easy task, but I think it's quite hard to convey the emotion and energy of a conversation (I would know...I try to do it all the time...and generally fail miserably).

Given the fact that this book spans 40 years, it's surprising that it's only 700(ish) pages.  

The Prince of Tides is a story of a destructive family relationship.  Narrated by Tom Wingo, former teacher and football coach, now unemployed after a nervous breakdown, he explores his history with his sister's psychologist while trying to figure out what caused his sister's mental demise, as well as revealing the circumstances of his brother's death.  

I found it easy to understand and relate to the characters, and I did not get lost in the plot despite switching back and forth between the past and present.  

This is definitely not a feel-good kind of a story, but for being 700+ pages, it's a fairly quick read



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