blaming it on the dog (sort of)

I planned on going on a tempo run today without Kiva.  She has this terrible habit of lagging behind when we turn around to come home (as if that's going to make me not make her go home).  She also tends to cause me to expend a lot of extra energy by having to yank her around when she finds something yummy smelling on the other side of the trail.  

Anyway, I wanted to leave her at home so I could just focus on running and not what she was doing.  Then I started not wanting to go running because I wasn't going to have my furry sidekick with me.  Sooooo I decided she could come...lucky dog.  

Photo Jun 14, 15 52 24
Serioulsy, who can resist that face?  She managed to hit the exercise jackpot today.  John walked her before he went to work.  I took her with me when I went walking with my friend Amber...we walked for over an hour.  And THEN she got to go on a 45 minute run.  Doggie heaven.  Not to mention the fact that Annie dog is coming over tonight to spend the weekend with us.  Best. Day. Ever.  

I took an extra long time warming up (slightly over a mile in 12ish minutes), then planned on running 20 minutes at 8:30 pace.  I managed a solid 10 minutes before the dog had to stop and pee, then another few before we turned around and headed home, but not before she had to stop and potty again.  Then we had to stop at the trash can to thow the bag away.  Then she knew we were heading home and was half a dog behind me causing my arm swing to hindered.  I ended up running 1.4 miles at around a 8:30, which is not as good as I had planned, but better than I expected given how I felt after the first three minutes of running.

Screen shot 2012-06-14 at 5.03.14 PM
My tempo pace is not at all reflected in my lap times because I didn't start my tempo portion at 1 mile, nor did I stop at an even mile (I did hit the lap button when I stopped).  

Screen shot 2012-06-14 at 5.03.30 PM
 In food related news, I had a delicious lunch of leftover tuna on a salad and watermelon...

Photo Jun 14, 12 37 58
Tonight we are headed to my mom's house for dinner.  She's making fish.  Not that it matters because I'm pretty sure she's never cooked anything bad in her life.