I'm suffering from the summer version of a midwinter jicker, a non-winter jicker? a mid-summer jicker? (yes, I realize that a midwinter jicker is more a weather thing...but Dr. Seuss was a creative guy and I'm using his terminology creatively...and if you don't know what a midwinter jicker is, then you are missing out on one of the best pieces of writing EVER).I have no energy.  I suck at sleeping on my days off (i.e. I wake up at 4am almost every day). I'm cranky.  And I hate everything.  This also means that I have nothing interesting to blog about.  Well, really, do I ever have anything truly interesting to blog about? Probably not.  BUT I usually have the energy to make non-interesting things slightly more interesting. Soon I will write about my upcoming travel plans (Europe with John in October). In the meantime, I am going to attempt to stay awake for 3 more hours so I can sleep all day so I can go to work.  It's not going to be easy considering that in 1.5 hours, I will have been up for 24 hours (minus the two 30 minute power naps I managed to get today). Ick!