best holiday card ever!

Living in Alaska, most of my friends and I attended schools that are a part of the Pac-10 (now the Pac-12) conference.  This creates constantly changing rivalries and alliances (although some of us will never cheer for each others team...*cough* WSU *cough*).  For example, John went to University of Oregon, they have a good football team, but as a matter of principle, I don't cheer for them, unless they are playing Stanford, USC, or WSU.  By the way, don't get me started on Stanford...a dancing tree...seriously?Every year I get a holiday card from UW and usually I just throw them away recycle them.  Usually they aren't anything special.  This year...different story. Several of my best friends went to WSU (I don't hold it against you guys...don't worry), which makes for some good natured displays of school pride and odd times.  This years holiday card from UW will be featured on my gifts to my dear friends who went to the "other" school. Good work UW.  You made the best holiday card I've seen in a long time, it made me smile, and made John shake his head.  Go Huskies!!