being an adult is lame

Do you ever get yourself into a situation and think, how on earth did I become qualified to handle this? That's where I am right now. The only thing that qualifies me is the fact that I adult.

Let's start more towards the beginning. Friday night we headed out of Anchorage on our trek to Vermont. John was supposed to go a few days before me, but circumstances changed and he left the same day as me. We were both on the same flight from Portland to Boston...the only difference is that he had to fly to Seattle first.

My flight was relatively uneventful (thank you Xanax and a bulkhead aisle seat), other than the fact that I sat next to one of the coolest people I have ever sat next to on a plane. The guy was a pilot for Alaska Airlines, and was one of those people that you instantly want to get to know better. We didn't spend much time talking since I was falling asleep (and so was he, he had just flown some ridiculous route from Sitka to Barrow to Fairbanks more than once in the same day...bummer). But I hope I run into him again, because he was rather fascinating.

Being that I am an excellent girlfriend, I made sure that John had breakfast and coffee when he arrived at PDX, especially since he had about 15 minutes between flights...and I had two hours.

The view as we were leaving PDX was amazing!

Thankfully, I slept most of the flight to Boston as well. When we arrived in Boston, we collected our bags, got our rental car and hit the road. Other than having to stop for cash (we ran out due to the extensive number of tolls we had to pay on the way out of town) and dinner, we made pretty good time.

Once we arrived at John's dad's house, we chatted with Linda (his wife) a bit and then headed to bed.

Sunday we got up late, returned the rental car (they had an extra car for us to use, but we had to get from Boston to their house), and then went to visit with John's dad.

Today was more of the same. We grabbed some groceries and then went to see his dad. While we were there we found out that his insurance will no longer pay for him to stay at the facility he is at because they have decided that he is "independent" when in fact, he is not. He still relies heavily on the use of a wheelchair and a walker and needs supervision and assistance to do many things. He needs PT, OT, and speech therapy to continue improving, and he will not get as much of those if he is discharged home.

Anyway, I do not know when I became old enough to have to deal with these sorts of things. I'm glad we are here to help take care of him if he does, in face, come home tomorrow, but it seems like a lousy decision on the part of the insurance company.

At least I have beautiful fall colors to enjoy...