because i needed more things to do at night

Today I officially joined the Membership Committee at Arctic Valley.  And by joined, I mean I became the only non-appointed member and am going to take over doing everything while one of the appointed members remains the "figurehead" because he is required to be the chair of this committee based on his position on the board.  Does that even make sense?I know that they were looking for someone to help out, and I figured it would be a good thing to do.  John is super involved with Arctic Valley and they are always looking for help.  They have a core group of people who do all the work (it's all volunteers too), and I figured that I seem to have a lot of spare time when no one else is awake, so why not help out. I'm on a council at work, and I'm pretty much the worst member ever.  I always forget to go to meetings and then I seem to be out of town while they are working on projects.  I'll be better at this one though because I'm essentially in charge of myself and don't have to go to meetings unless we need to have one (both of the other members of this committee are members because of their position on the board). So, if you want to become and Anchorage Ski Club member, you can just let me know and I'll get you a form (or you can sign up online)!