barely awake

The only problem with having 8 days off in a row is having to back to work afterwards.

My body apparently doesn't mind getting without an alarm at 5:00am after going to bed around 10:30pm, but getting up at 4:30am by alarm clock after gong to sleep at 9:30pm is the worst. thing. ever.  

The coffee hasn't kicked it yet (as evidenced by the fact that I am writing this post 3 minutes before I need to leave, risking being late if I make any spelling errors). At least I remembered to pack my lunch.  

Speaking of food, apple, carrot, sausage hash...make it for breakfast, you won't be disappointed.  

Photo Jul 10, 5 30 52 AM

Breakfast by the light of my iPad.  I've pretty much deemed anything fair game for breakfast food by putting eggs on it.  It's a pretty good system.  I went one step further a couple of days ago and decided anything can be breakfast food if you eat it for breakfast...and then I ate leftover BBQ chicken and cauliflower rice.  JRW was not terribly impressed (he says that rule only applies to pizza), but he just looked the other way as he often does.

Off to get my butt kicked for 12 hours.  Happy Thursday!