baked oatmeal "muffins"

I have been reading a lot of food blogs lately...not really sure why.  Hence the reason I have been posting a lot about food.  

The other day I made some baked oatmeal "muffins" from a recipe I found online (here's the link to to the original recipe).  

baked oatmeal muffin

They aren't technically muffins, they are portion controlled baked oatmeal.  The thing that appealed most to me was that they will freeze well so we don't have to hurry up and eat them before they get old and gross.  I plan on putting one in my lunch when I work and eating it as my morning's much more manageable than trying to eat actual oatmeal at work.

If you want a more printer friendly version of the recipe you can get it here (by the way, I'm still loving PepperPlate for my recipes).