back in the game

Photo Jul 14, 07 00 01

Monday I finally managed to break the cycle of not exercising and get back into the workout game. It sure helps to have friends who tell you when to show up for a workout. I swam on Monday afternoon and again on Tuesday morning before work. Then I ended up getting off work super early and went for a walk with a friend. It was not a wimpy walk either...almost 5 miles! To say that my legs are tired would be an understatement. My arms feel all noodle-like as well. 

I'm amazed at the attitude change I have experienced in the last 48 hours as well (oddly it coincides with the return of exercise to my life). I've gone from barely feeling like I wanted to feed myself to feeling like it's time to hurry up and finish my assignments for this semester of school so I can have a freaking break!

Hooray for getting back on track!