baby invasion

Yesterday at work...two words...pure insanity.  We have been very busy since last weekend, but yesterday was what some people (who have worked in L&D longer than I have) said was the busiest they have ever seen it.    

We started out the day with a backup of patients (never a good sign).  The Mother Baby unit was full and only expecting a few discharges, that meant that all the patients that delivered had to stay in Labor and Delivery.  Lately, that's how things have been going.  

Then OB Triage (OBT) filled up with patients that needed to come back to us in L&D.  Thus began a crazy cycle of trying to get patient's upstairs to Mother Baby quickly enough to get the patients who were on the verge of having babies back to L&D from OBT.  The patients that needed to come back to us, really needed to come back to us.  

Photo Jan 10, 19 42 22(don't worry, those are doctor's names, not patient's names)

We had three people who have office jobs wearing scrubs and helping us out and we still almost drowned.  The Family Medicine Resident was sporting at least 5 pagers (I think they usually have two) and was working her butt off to get delivered patients discharged so we could move our patients upstairs so we could get more patients.  

We did a delivery in OBT (always a sign of a busy day).  We brought a patient back for a c-section and then had to take her back to OBT because there was a more urgent case that needed to happen and the only place for her to go was back to the room she came from.  We did 10 deliveries, transferred 11 patients, and admitted 10 patients.  Given that our average is 6ish deliveries in a day, 10 in twelve hours is a lot.   

To top it off, we are also smack dab in the middle of construction.  This means that jackhammering, strange vibrations, and excessive heat and humidity (due to air flow, related to construction) are often a part of our day.  Yesterday there was some very loud drilling happening just on the other side of one of our walls.  It was so loud we could not hear each other talk even though we were standing right next to one another.  On a normal day, this would have been tolerable for a short time, but yesterday, it was just too much.  Luckily we have the ability to ask them to stop if it's too much.  So after an hour or so we were free from the excessive noise. 

Fortunately, I work with some amazing people.  Even though we didn't have any time to eat, drink, or use the bathroom, we got things done.  We helped each other out without having to ask or be asked.  We rolled with the flow and didn't complain when we were pulled from plan A and had to move on to plan B, C, D, or E. We were able to laugh and how hard we all were working and it definitely made us appreciate our days off.  

At the end of the day, despite the insanity, all of our patients were safe and well cared for...and that is the most important thing.