awesome art

Before Christmas (I think) I posted something about what we did in Lahaina, but couldn't go into details because it would ruin someones Christmas present.  Well, seeing as how Christmas is long gone, I figured I'd enlighten you (because I'm sure you all were dying to know).John and I stumbled across a gallery full of really amazing photography by a photographer named Thomas Barbey.  Here's the info about his process.  We spent probably almost an hour looking at all the photographs and I found the perfect gift for my dad there.  This might not seem like a very impressive feat, but if you know my dad you know he's hard to shop for, so when I find something that is perfect for's very exciting.

"Swell Time in Town" image courtesy of Thomas Barbey

Probably the most amazing thing about these photographs is that he does not use any image editing software.  It's all double exposures from negatives. We ended up getting two for ourselves: 

"O Duomo Mio" image courtesy of Thomas Barbey
"Sea Sick" image courtesy of Thomas Barbey

I love them all.  They all have completely unexpected elements, but yet they make sense!