at the store

Yesterday I went to Fred Meyer instead of our weekly trip to Costco...mostly out of laziness, and because we didn't need anything major.  

First, I had a bonding experience with all the people in the store aged 25-35.  Mariah Carey came on ("Someday" for those who care) and it suddenly became easy to identify those in my age group, as we were all bobbing our heads, tapping our feet, and singing under our breath.  Not that I particularly love MC right now, but I loved her back in the day.  I love random stranger bonding experiences!

Then there was the zucchinis.  I walked over to the pile of them in the produce section and actually chuckled out loud.  The size disparity between the Alaska grown zucchini and the "other guys" was shocking.  I never realized how sad, tiny, and beat up my zucchinis are until I got some huge and pristine looking Alaska grown ones last week.

Photo Aug 13, 12 39 05
This picture doesn't really do it justice either.  We sure do know how to grow some giant and tasty produce around here!