around here

coffeestep-onepeppers Around here I'm wandering aimlessly without a routine. As much as I like having a break from school, I think I need some sort of large project or deadline looming in order to keep me sane.

I'm trying to create something more days than not. Usually it comes in the form of writing something and doodling some color into it. I'm comfortable with writing, which is why I think that's my go to. What's hard is making what I'm comfortable with challenging creatively.

The other day I lamented on facebook that I just wanted to be cold. It's been 70+ degrees around here on and off for weeks. I don't mind warm sunny weather, but what I do mind is that there's no air conditioning and my house is at least 10 degrees hotter than the outside. On Sunday it finally cooled off and rained, but I still haven't gotten cold yet.

I've been binge watching terrible TV (in fact I'm sitting in front of the TV right now). I guess you could say that I'm making the most of my break...or not depending on the way you look at it.