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I've been a knitting fool lately.  I go through phases where all I want to do is knit, or sew, or attempt to draw something.  Current stage is knitty.  I made a hat for my mom out of some yarn that I had leftover from a baby gift, the yarn is awesome and soft and I knew it needed to be an adult sized hat.  I'm also working on a few pieces to list in the shop...more details when stuff gets completed.

The weather has been less than desirable.  All the snow melted in January while we were gone, and we have been getting it back 0.1" at a time.  It's maddening!  It has also been cold, which doesn't bother me other than the fact that we don't get good snow when it's cold.  Worst. Winter. Ever.  At least the sunsets are pretty...

Fortunately we are heading to Utah next week to go skiing.  It's been snowing like crazy there (or at least a couple of inches in the mountains every day).  I'm pretty excited about it.