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Photo Mar 07, 15 41 56

There's been a ton of knitting going on (more on that soon).  I have at least three projects going at once, one for me, and a few for the shop.  I've found that knitting and listening to podcasts makes time fly by.  I have lost several afternoons this way.  My new favorite podcast to listen to while knitting is America's Test Kitchen.  It's like Car Talk for cooking.  Love it.  

Photo Mar 09, 19 44 54

Kiva and I have had a couple of epic runs in the last few weeks...which has resulted in a lot of sleeping during the day.  We ran up Arctic Valley road last weekend and it pretty much wiped us out for the next few days.  This week, there was not a lot of night time sleeping on my part (not sure why), which resulted in a lot of daytime sleeping on my days off.  

Photo Mar 10, 14 21 26

On Friday we did our long run, and then I skied (awesome powder day!) all afternoon on Saturday.  Thus today my legs feel like noodles.  That should make running five miles through 12+" of snow a lot of fun for me... 

Photo Mar 12, 19 40 28

Apparently we are getting winter in March this year.  Last week it was sloppy, melty, and most of the sidewalks and roads were bare pavement.  Last weekend was beautiful and sunny with some amazing sunsets.  This week on Friday at about 5:30 we went to Costco and the temperature on the car said 43°F.  By the time we came out it was 28°F and snowing like crazy.  The result was a foot of new snow on Saturday morning.   Photo Mar 16, 7 29 09

Just rolling with the punches around here.  One day it's spring and I can't sleep and the next it's winter and I'm sleeping like a rock again.  

Photo Mar 15, 21 26 08