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Right now I'm trying to settle into a new routine.  So far this involves doing things in a different order every morning, which has resulted in me forgetting to put on deodorant more days than I remember to put it on. The best part so far is the time in the evening to wind down.  Rather than eating dinner as fast as I can and going stright to bed.  I can eat dinner and then have some time in the evening for just relaxing.  Bedtime is just before 10pm and I always read Kiva a bedtime story.  Right now we are reading Unbroken.  

Around-here1 Around-here1

I think some of us are having a harder time adapting to this new routine than others.  Until I sat down to write this post, I never considered the fact that all the strange things Kiva has been doing in the last couple of weeks could be related to the disruption of her routine as well.  While my schedule may have been all over the place before, now I'm home every day by 4:30pm, which means she never spends more than about 8 hours alone.  Who knew that would drive her to help herself to the entire bag of dog treats and binge on kibble (she eats raw meat, which one would think is superior to kibble...but apparently kibble has become the equivalent of popcorn or chocolate for her).  


I'm also home to cook dinner every night.  I cooked a lot before, but now I get to plan all the meals and then throw it all out the window when I get home and decide I want to cook something else entirely!  There have been some tasty experiments going on in the kitchen the last couple of weeks.


So, around here things are great, but I can't believe that the year is almost over!  I'm working on some plans for next year and thinking about all the things I need to get done for school!  I celebrated another anniversary of my 29th birthday this week and I'm looking forward to the upcoming holiday festivities that we have going on.  

If we could just get some snow up here in the frozen, but minimally snow-covered North, this December would be close to perfection!