around here



Around here there's been a lot of studying and a little of everything else. You can see how Kiva feels about studying. 

The weather has been chilly, but as usual cold and sunny means beautiful.  The alpenglow, sunsets, and sunrises have been amazing.  The moon was full this week too making things even more dramatic.  

Speaking of full moons, I hope that is why things have been so busy at work this week.  I hope it doesn't stay that way because it's hard to not be able to keep up and work and then go home and not be able to keep up on school work either.  

I was feeling pretty terrible about school when I got a C on my first test.  Then the instructor threw out two questions and my C turned into a B! Yay!  I also managed to get an A and a B on the other two tests I took this week.  That doesn't necessarily make the studying any easier, but at least it makes it feel like it's worthwhile.

Since I can't keep up, of course I decided to start something new.  I started a new website, Real Food NP, where I plan on nerding out about food, nutrition, and healthy living.  I'm still working on getting it set up and tweaked the way I want, but so far I'm pretty excited about it!

Hooray for Friday!