are unborn babies smarter than we think?

My friend Brittany is due on Saturday, but we have been doing everything we can to get this stubborn kid to come out (I know it's not at it's due date yet...but it has exhibited other signs of stubborn-ness - like when all of her doctors and her husband were out of town, it made no attempt to show up, which is good in the big scheme of things, but if it didn't come might never come.  Just kidding B, it will come when it's ready!)But perhaps this child is smarter than all of the rest of us...the following was a text message conversation between me and Brittany: Me: "Mowing the lawn did nothing for you? Maybe it is a boy.  Or it might be a girl, but somehow it got my stubborn and pain in the ass genes.  Time to start doing jumping jacks or grande plies." B: "Perhaps because I surround myself with stubborn people." Me: "Or there's that..." B: "Maybe it's waiting for Michelle..."  (Michelle is her sister-in-law) Me: "If it thinks we aren't worthy of coming out for, it's going to be sad when Michelle leaves and it's stuck with the rest of us..." B: "Probably.  She's a lot more nurturing than the rest of us." Me: "Poor doesn't know what it's getting itself into.  Or maybe it does..." B: "It has been listening to us for awhile." Me: "Well, at least we know it's smart." Baby Ancil...we really are nice people!  Come out and see!!  :o)