apologies for my absence

Still here...as always.  

I have spent the last 36 hours attempting to completely rearrange my work schedule (read: give away as many days to whoever will take them, if you work with me and are reading this, I'm still trying to get rid of 8/31 day shift and have four hours Tuesday 9/4 that need to be covered...let me know if you want them!) in order to make a last minute trip to Vermont to help out with John's dad when he comes home from rehab.

Remember way back when I mentioned that he had crashed his car and had "spots" on his brain?  Well, he had surgery to remove a (thankfully benign) tumor, the had surgery again for bleeding, then got meningitis, and then got to go to a rehab facility to recover from all of that.  As expected, he experienced ataxia, double vision, and some speech problems after his surgery, which is why he had to make a stop in at rehab before going home.  Now it is expected that he will go home in a couple of weeks, but will still need a lot of assistance.  His wife works full time and they have two (I think) dogs, so she asked if we could come down and help out.  

Thankfully we didn't have to go as quickly as it originally sounded like we might (like get on a plane tonight because we're desperate for help).  That has been helpful in allowing me more time to find a place for my dog to hang out while we're gone as well as pawning off my work days on other people.  

I will say that my co-workers have been incredibly gracious about me asking to switch and then re-switch or un-switch days.  Hopefully I'll be able to return the favor some day!  Thanks guys, you're the best!! 

Also, those of you who received a panicked email of phone call regarding the care of my dog...thanks for being open to letting her hang out with you and your pack...she would have been very sad if she had to stay in her kennel for a week with no food or water :(