another weekend fishing adventure

A little over a month ago I spent a weekend at a friend's cabin outside of Seward fishing for halibut. I blogged about it here if you are interested. This past weekend we went out there again but this time for some sightseeing and salmon fishing. 

Aialik Bay

Glacier Glacier2
Driftwood Bay

Mountains Mountains2 Photo Jul 27, 17 11 16 (1) Selfie

We had a great time and caught lots of fish. The weather was much better than expected, the forecast was for rain most of the weekend, but we didn't get rained on while fishing at all! On Saturday when it was foggy I decided that even though sun would have been preferred, I just like being outside. It makes me happy. 

Now I'm headed off to work (i.e. the real world, not wonderful outdoor adventure land) covered in mosquito bites and bruises and slightly sunburnt....all signs of a successful weekend adventure!