an update + fancy socks

Oh little blog of mine...I have not forgotten you!  I'm taking a small hiatus to focus on school and my new blog! I will definitely still be around here every once in awhile though.  For the time being I'll mostly be sharing my training updates, some artsy stuff (yay knitting!), and the occasional dog antics.

If you want menu plans or food related stuff...head on over to my new internet digs and stay awhile.  

Last week's menu can be found here and next week's is here.

Because I obviously don't have enough going on right now, last weekend I started a new sock project.  

Photo Feb 12, 20 59 31

Yep, one sock at a time non self patterning socks.  I bribed myself with these last weekend while I was trying to do school work.  For every page I read I got to knit 5 rows.  I didn't get a lot of reading done, but it was a good compromise as if I hadn't done that I likely wouldn't have gotten any reading done!

And speaking of dog antics...

Photo Feb 12, 21 01 15

Happy Friday!