an exhausting weekend

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity and has left me completely exhausted!

Friday was errand day.  I was out and about almost all day running errands for the Arctic Valley auction.  I made pizza for dinner and headed up to Arctic Valley (where John was working on stuff) with it.  Kiva and I took a walk while everyone else finished working on the lift.  

arctic valley
When they were done, we headed inside to eat and get started setting things up for the auction.  Around 9pm I headed back down the hill and was in bed around 10pm.  

Saturday I got up early and went for a long run with my aunt.  It was lovely.  The weather was perfect fall weather (which is always good for running).  We had an excellent 11 mile run on the bike path at Kincaid Park.  

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 1.38.25 PM
Mile 4.5 to the top of the hill is the end of the race we are running this upcoming weekend.  Nothing like a giant hill at the end of a half marathon to make you feel good about yourself...

After I finished running, I went home, showered, and went to meet my dad for coffee.  After coffee I hurried home to pack my stuff and head up to Arctic Valley to help set up for the auction.  

arctic valley auction parking lot
People started showing up just before 5pm and after that it was work, work, work.  I did manage to find 10 minutes to shove some delicious dinner into my mouth though.  

Most people were gone around 10pm, but then we had to clean up...and of course hang out after a wildly successful evening.  I was having a very hard time staying awake, and was rather uncomfortable from standing all day (running 11 miles and then standing/walking for another 8+ hours is not a good plan)

I think I finally went to bed around 1am (we slept in a friends camper in the parking lot).  

Sunday morning we woke up around 9am, made breakfast, and then started sorting through all the paperwork from the night before.  After organizing multiple stacks of paper, I headed home around 1pm.  When I left, it was snowing!

arctic valley first snow
I stopped by home to drop of Kiva, and then left again to have coffee with my dad.  When I finally got home to stay it was about 3pm.  I had a short nap, ate some dinner, and then went to bed!  What an exhausting (but fun) weekend!!