all noodley

Yesterday when I came home from my track workout, I told John I felt "all noodley."  That's a good thing though, it means I worked hard!  

8 x 200m (@ ~8:00/mi), 2 x 600m loop on the trail (no idea what my pace was, but I was 6 min slower on the second one), 2 x 200m (@ ~8:00/mi).  

After an exciting (and not really in a good way - it seemed like we were running the Psych ward with a side of delivering babies) weekend at work I spent our two days doing a lot of relaxing (John's weekend was less exciting, but he did just as much relaxing with me, it's important to have good company when relaxing).  I finished a book, finished the top of a quilt, and started a new book.  At one point, Kiva decided that she needed to get in on the relaxing and wedged herself between John and me on the couch. 

Photo Jun 25, 18 28 27

Monday evening we drove up to Arctic Valley so John could drop off some stuff for the espresso shack (go check it and snacks at the top of Arctic Valley Rd. Fri-Sun noon-8pm!), it was quite cloudy and spooky up there.

Photo Jun 25, 20 10 41
Tuesday morning before my track workout we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then went to Costco.  Kiva decided that she was unimpressed by her breakfast and decided to spill it all over the place.

Photo Jun 26, 10 26 32Tuesday evening we took Kiva to obedience, where she proceeded to pay very close attention to John and igored all of the other things that were supposed to be distracting her so we could practice "leave it."  He had cheese.  She will do anything for cheese.  The instructor even told us she could do obedience competition if she continued to pay such good attention. If only she knew what she was like when there was not cheese involved...

It rained pretty hard most of the day on Tuesday, then it got sunny, rained some more, the got sunnier, windier, and stopped raining.  I love Alaska weather!

Now it's off to work today and tomorrow, then the weekend off!