a week of running

Last week may very well have been the only time in the history of the world that I have run more than twice in one week.  Ok, I'm sure I did in high school, but apparently that was a long time ago so I don't really remember. 

I've been using The Daily Mile to track my workouts (I have an official training log in a spreadsheet as well).  

Here's what my week looked like

Screen shot 2012-04-30 at 8.03.53 PMThe only problem with this is it counts weeks from Monday to Sunday and I count my weeks from Sunday to Saturday (that's how my work schedule works, so it seems like all my weeks should match, otherwise I really could care less).  

Here's my training plan with days of the week matching up appropriately.  

I've been reading a lot of running blogs lately and I have noticed something...there is are an awful lot of people out there who run lots of miles on the treadmill.  I hate the treadmill.  I don't know that I have ever run more than a mile at a time on one (when I had a gym membership I would sometimes try it to see if one day I would miraculously be able to bust out five miles...it never happened).  I am also shocked at the number of people who quote "bad weather" as their reason for running inside.  It was raining, or 46 degrees, or there was snow on the ground.  See, here's the thing, 46 degrees and raining while there is snow on the ground is the ideal running conditions for me.  Seriously.  

This winter I did a lot of running outside, which isn't something I normally do.  We also happened to have an excessively cold and snowy winter...but I live in Alaska, so that's not terribly unexpected.  I did learn that I prefer to run in the dark and the cold.  -10 degrees is a little too cold, but give me 15 degrees over 50 any day.  Seriously.

I'm not knocking people who log a ton of miles on the treadmill (ok, yes, I am...but just a little), but maybe they would all be more versatile runners if they just ran outside all the time.  I mean, just because you trained in 70 degrees and sunny weather does not mean that the weather will cooperate on race day.  How else are you going to learn to ignore the rain drops that run down your face and mix with sweat and get in your eyes making it hard to see?  

The 15k I ran in Istanbul last fall is a perfect example.  The weather in Istanbul was supposed to be around 60 degrees the whole time we were there.  It wasn't.  

It was probably 45 or 50, a little windy, and rainy.  Perfect!  I ran in capris and a t-shirt, but was amazed at the number of people I saw running in down jackets.  Now I also realize that this was an international race and there were people who came from climates that were generally warmer than what we experienced on race day...BUT, it made me wonder if they run inside when the weather gets a little testy.  

Moral of the story, run outside.  It's better!