a time lapse

I'm here.  I've just lost my blogging mojo I guess.  It didn't help that when we got home from Hawaii the weather sucked.  I spent several weeks being angry about it being winter and being stuck inside...or outside with ice crusted snow and rain.  Ick. 

Anyway, it's since snowed...and I bought a new toy.  I'm now the proud owner of a GoPro, a dog harness to mount it on, and several other accessories to play with.  

I haven't taken it outside, but I did create a time lapse video of me cooking dinner this evening. Pardon the messy kitchen, weird angle, and note that the dark shadow below the counter is most likely Kiva wanting to be included (or eat the sausage).  

  Yes, I used real music in it.  Let's not get in an agrument about the law right now.  But here's the link to the band, The Naked and Famous, on iTunes.