a reminder

The other night I ran into a patient that I had taken care of over a year ago.  She was spent many many weeks on the prenatal unit while I was intern on my rotation through that unit.She was one of the few patients that I've had in my (almost) two years that I really bonded with.  There is only one other patient whose name I can even remember (I took care of her for three days in a row in Labor and Delivery, so we got to know each other pretty well), and two others (whose names I don't remember) who I would say were pretty special (one was another patient who I took care of for three days as well, and other who lost her baby almost at term). Anyway, while she was on prenatal, I made her a paper chain.  One link for every day that she was there and a stash of links for every day until she would be 36 weeks.  She was having a hard time taking it "one day at a time" and being on bedrest, etc. I wanted to do something to help her see her accomplishments of making it through another day. So I ran into her a couple of days ago at the hospital.  She was there as a support person for the birth of her nephew.  She told me something that made me remember exactly why I do what I do.  She said that she thinks about me often and that she has the chain I made her hanging in her son's room. Wow.