a randomly long post about my day

Yesterday, I tackled my first long run since I ran the half marathon back in February.  I had planned 8 miles, but was fully aware that had the potential to be unrealistic given that this is the first week I have really run consistently.  Also, my Alaskan blood is not ready (or cut out) to run in 60+ degree temps.  I love that it was a beautiful day, but the trails are still buried under soft snow and running on the bike path in full sun is less than desireable.  I like to be able to hide in the woods when it gets toasty out!  Heck...I just like being able to hide in the woods when I'm running.

Here's Kiva after our run, she looks as tired as I felt!

Photo Apr 26, 19 43 27Apparently, at first, she did not get the memo that you are supposed to be tired from a 7 mile run in the sun.  I put a couple of ice cubes in her water bowl (because she loves them and was extremely hot) and she proceeded to chase them around the inside of her bowl, fish them out, give them a little shake, and then fling them around the house while growling and running around like a crazy beast.  I'm glad she finally realized she was tired! 

Other than my run, I had a fairly productive day, which is good considering it was my last real day off before I head to California and Portland for a long weekend.  

I woke up to this face...

Photo Apr 26, 23 44 25Apparently John forgot to put Kiva in her kennel before he lft the house.  He said she was being so good and quiet (a rarity) while he was getting ready for work that he forgot she was even there.  She looked like she was sad that she had been forgotten and didn't understand why she was locked out of the bedroom!

Then I made myself a delicious breakfast - pancakes with applesauce, fried eggs, and iced coffee.

Photo Apr 26, 9 55 57(pardon the messy table in the background...)

After breakfast, I went to Fred Meyer and Costco, then I came home and took a nap before going to Target in search of cheap sunglasses to run in.  I have a terrible time finding sunglasses that fit well.  My face is pretty small, but not small enough for kids glasses to fit comfortably.  I found some at REI that worked, but they were $130.  Then I found some online that came highly recommended for $60.  Somone else suggested looking at Target...success!  $25 and they fit perfectly!

After errands it was off to a doctor's appointment.  I always dread going to my "yearly" appointment, but this year I switched doctors and it was no big deal.  However, I decided it is a little awkward when your doctor comes in and hugs you instead of shaking your hand while you are wearing a tiny gown and trying to stay as covered up as possible.  I should have prefaced that with, I now go to a doctor who I know very well from working with her in Labor and Delivery, so it was more like hanging out with a friend than seeing a doctor.  She's running Lost Lake too, so we talked about running the whole time, which was an excellent distraction from the actual point of the appointment.  

TMI?  Well, it's my blog, so I can share whatever I want :)