a quick and healthy lunch

Our refrigerator is getting scarily bare due to work schedules and scheduled fun.  When I went searching for lunch this afternoon, the only leftovers I could find was a container of cauliflower rice, but there was nothing to put on top of it.  

Fortunately we had some chard in the veggie drawer and we always have chicken sausages in the freezer.  So I chopped some chard, defrosted a sausage and sauteed them with a little Worcestershire sauce and a bit of balsamic.  It was the perfect thing to eat over cauliflower rice.  

Photo Aug 02, 12 19 51
I'm not usually a huge fan of actually cooking myself things for lunch.  I prefer to eat leftovers, or throw together a salad, but this came together quickly and was almost as easy as making a sandwich or salad.  It also kept me full enough to make it through my run without starving!