a peek inside my dog's brain

Last week we started proofing class with Kiva. We've been to two classes so far, and it's been great.  The first week we worked on making sure the dogs actually knew what we were asking when we told them to "sit" or "down."  Kiva is pretty bad at sit.  She likes to sit for a bit and then lie down.  The instructor told us to just keep correcting her, so that's something we've been working on at home a lot.  

Before we go running, I always make her sit and wait with her leash on while I get ready.  Usually she ends up lying down because she gets tired of waiting for me.  Most of the time I let this go, because I really don't care if she's sitting or lying down, I just want her to wait.  Yesterday, rather than telling her just to "wait," I told her to sit.  She sat.  Then she laid down.  So I made her sit again.  Then she laid down.  We did this about five times in the 10 minutes it took me to get ready, and she never stayed sitting for more than a few seconds.  

kiva sitting
Fast forward to after our run (she was really tired because we ran for 2 hours and 40 minutes)...I was sitting at the table eating dinner and Kiva was begging for attention.  So I told her to lie down.  She sat.  I said it again and used the hand signal. She kept sitting.  All the while she had this sassy look on her face that said "eff you, I'm sitting now."  I spent at least a minute trying (even physically trying) to get her to lie down...and she wouldn't.  What a jerk!

I told this story to John on our way home from dog class and he said, "you two totally deserve each other." Yep, she's definitely my dog.