a not very well researched but very strongly worded rant

Disclaimer:  This post is about my pro-choice views.  If you think it will make you angry, don't read it.  If you disagree with me, that's fine, we can agree to disagree.  If you can't agree to disagree...don't read this. First off, I would like to say that just because I am pro-choice DOES NOT mean I am pro-abortion.  I'm not sure where people got that idea, but it's stupid, and it needs to change.  I support a woman's right to decide what is right for her and her body.  I believe that each choice is a unique one and depends on many things. I think that it is absurd to force a woman to carry a child that is the product of rape.  If she wants to continue such a pregnancy, then more power to her.  Hopefully she has an amazing support system and access to the resources that will help her get over the emotional trauma of her situation.  If she does not want to put herself through that, then she shouldn't have to. If the pregnancy is detrimental to the mother's health, I don't think that she should be forced to continue that pregnancy (unless she understands the risks and potential outcomes and still wants to). If it is determined that the fetus has defects that are incompatible with life, I don't think that a woman should be forced to continue that pregnancy.  Hopefully her physician will advise her as to the course of action that is best for both mom and baby.  I think that it is selfish to bring a life into the world just to watch it end very quickly.  I've seen it.  It's traumatic for the mother and painful and traumatic for the baby.  However, if the mother makes the choice to continue such a pregnancy and bring that life into the world, I will not judge her, I'm sure she had her reasons.  If she was my patient, I would support her and care for her the same way I would care for any other patient. Do you see where I am going with this?  It's all about choice.  I don't know your circumstances, so who am I to tell you what to do? This post was sparked by a letter going around on the internets and a discussion I had with some friends on Facebook. The House voted to ban Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funding.  Yes Planned Parenthood performs abortions.  (Side note: Here is a direct quote from the section on their website addressing "Unintended Pregnancy" - "If you are pregnant, you have three options to think about abortion, adoption, and parenting." And for those of you who notice they list abortion first...look more closely, the list is in alphabetical order. But do you know what else they do?  They provide birth control (I realize this is also a controversial subject, but using birth control is better than having an abortion), they provide BASIC health care (flu vaccines, physical exams, diabetes testing and support, etc.), they address issues related to men's health (prostate cancer screening, infertility, and birth control for men), they help women who are pregnant or considering having a baby find the appropriate care and support, they provide information and support to help maintain healthy relationships, and they provide STD screening. If you are interested in supporting Planned Parenthood, visit this link: http://istandwithplannedparenthood.org The conversation on Facebook stemmed from this article: Senate Panel Kills Bill That Would Have Banned Smoking in Cars with Children.  I'll summarize some of the comments:

So, pro-life Republicans fight tooth and nail to defend the rights of the unborn. But not so much for the newly born. I get it now.

Unborn babies can't fight for themselves. Newborn babies could possibly grow up and become liberals....

The Traditional Values Coalition's form letter to stop the funding for Planned Parenthood says "As Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and the federal government is attempting to close a $1.4 trillion spending gap, it makes no sense... for Americans to be subsidizing an organization in the business of killing off future taxpayers" They say right there, we can't kill off future taxpayers. WTF? If you're are going to have an argument against abortion it better be better than that!

Here is the thing that bothers me most about the planned parenthood debate. We can't have sex education here, they don't want planned parenthood and the likes, we just want to pretend that no one is having sex except married couples making ...babies. So we are just going to ignore the issue. All they need is religion, it will make it all better. And yet we have skyrocketing chlamydia cases, people complaining about young moms on welfare, etc. These things go together people! You can't just make the symptom go away without addressing the problem.
Let's use Bristol Palin as our shinning example of how well non-sex ed works. I also know several people who went to Christian private schools and even THEY said there was a need for sex ed. Because when it came down to it, some people ended up pregnant because they didn't know HOW you actually got pregnant. So when it happened it was a complete surprise to them. Maybe God will only forgive you for having sex and getting pregnant if you aren't married only if you didn't know how it worked. But if you know how it works, and knew you weren't supposed to do it, but did it anyway, maybe that makes "forgiveness" harder? (note excessive sarcasm here)
I realize that some of the comments are said in jest, but I think they all have validity.
Do I have a point?  Why yes I do!  I respect that people have morals that do not align with mine.  I respect that.  However, I encourage you to examine all sides of the issue before judging people for their choices or deciding they are wrong.  Remember that you may think you know where they are coming from, but in all reality, you probably have no idea. This is something that I constantly relearn in my job.