a not so good read

I have a very hard time not finishing books.  I'm not sure why, but even if I hate them, I usually finish them.I recently attempted to read The Corrections by Johnathan Franzen.  Bad choice.  I didn't even get halfway through it before I decided I needed to stop.

Photo courtesy of amazon.com

The description on Amazon.com is very misleading.  It uses words such as "exhilarating" and "spellbinding."  Yeah, it's none of those things.  It's about a dysfunctional family in the mid-west.  That's about it.  I found myself not really caring about any of the characters.  In fact, I disliked all of them (which is a bad sign, I'm pretty sure you are supposed to find at least one that you like or like to dislike) and wished they would get their acts together and stop being so miserable.

Against my better judgment, I stopped reading it.  I kept telling myself it would get better and I would hate them all less, but I just couldn't do it.