a normal work day

The other day I decided to take a few photos of my usual day. It was a work day so I got up at 5:30am, made coffee and breakfast, and did some work on the computer. My usual morning routine involves either blogging in the morning or listening to a lecture for school.

Photo Jul 21, 05 58 27

Then it was off to work. I worked from 7:30am until about 2pm. Most days we work until the patients are gone (outpatient surgery) and then go home. Some days we get out early, some days we stay late. It's a pretty good situation. 

Photo Jul 21, 07 13 53

I usually get a snack break around 10 or 10:30 and then have lunch around 12 depending on what is going on. Most days my snack is the same. Apples and almond butter. 

Photo Jul 23, 09 41 29

Depending on what time I get off of work I come home and exercise and cook dinner. Most days I have time for some more school work or something fun (knitting, painting, blogging, watching an episode of a TV show) before I have to cook dinner. I try and get my exercise in before I do a "fun" activity.

Photo Jul 21, 20 27 07

After dinner I usually do something to wind down for the evening (reading or watching an episode of TV), if I have a lot of school work I'll do that before I wind down for bed. I try to be in bed before 9pm to make sure that I get my 8 hours of sleep each night! It happens most nights, but not always.

There you have it...a normal work day for me!