a long slog through the snow

Today was (sadly) the second long run I have done since I started "training" for my race at the end of the month.  I will not outline all of my excuses here for why my long runs started just over a month before my race, just know that they exist.  

Overall it was a good run.  I fetl much better than last time (mostly because it was 30 degrees warmer), but it was slow going because of the snow.  

It snowed on Friday.  They plowed the sidewalks.  Then they plowed the streets, which unplowed the sidewalks.  They have yet to plow the sidewalks again.  I also had to run about a mile total (.5 mile each way) on a groomed ski trail, which was very soft.  It's been in the upper 20s/lower 30s since it snowed so the trail hasn't gotten a good hard freeze to make it easy running.  That was one nice thing about running when it was frigid out.  The footing was good.  Most of the rest of my run was on the bike path, which had been plowed, but then when they plowed the streets, they flung a lot of chunky snow onto the path.  Thus it was like running up a giant hill made of sand.  At one point I was unsure of whether I was actually going anywhere or just digging myself a hole in the snow with my feet.

This is what it looks like when your slogging gets graphed...

Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 11.08.28 PM

I wanted to go for 8 miles, but the conditions made my knee hurt towards the end, so I decided to just head home.  For only my second long run since October, I'm pretty happy with it.  Adding another 6.5 miles ought to be a piece of cake...right?