a determined 5 miles

Due to the Olympic women's soccer final, I did not get around to running until late this afternoon.  It's all about priorities people.  I will also tell you that watching people run fast on tv, does not make you run faster.  I've done a lot of research and testing, so I'm kind of knowledgeable in that area.  

Today's workout was intended to be hill intervals, but given that it was 73 degrees out, that didn't work out as well as I wanted it to.  It turned into more of a practice proper running form (in my aunt's words not doing the "snard shuffle") and try not to kill myself or my dog from heat exhaustion.  I ran two loops of hill "intervals" and then decided that part of the trail was creepy because Kiva kept looking behind us on the same part of both loops.  So then I decided I would run a different loop, still running up the hills (which were smaller) kinda fast.  Then I got back to the car and had only run 3.5ish miles, and decided that I really wanted to run 5 miles, so I got a drink of water and set off for another loop.  Same concept as before.  The next time I got back to the car I had run 4.76 miles....and I really wanted to run 5, so I kept going.  I finally got back to the car at 5 miles and stopped.  

Screen shot 2012-08-09 at 5.44.14 PM
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Not the fastest hill intervals I've ever done, but given that it was insanely hot for this Alaskan girl, I'm happy with the effort I put forth, and even happier that I made myself run 5 miles even though I was hot and tired.

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