a christmas story

This is a true story. However, names and situations have been changed to protect the innocent - or not so innocent.Once there was a girl (we will call her ODG - Overly Dramatic Girl) who found herself having a baby the day before the day before Christmas.  She brought her whole crew with her so everyone could pay attention to her and all her drama.  You see ODG had a BBF (best boy friend...not boyfriend, just a boy friend) who she sometimes slept with, but not very often.  Alleged "FOB" (father of baby) was not there, but she wanted him to be there and kept shouting "WHERE IS HE? WHY ISN'T HE HERE?".  He was probably off with former BGF (best girl friend) who already has a baby with Alleged FOB and is no longer BGF, she is now EW (Evil Witch).  The problem is that ODG wasn't really sure if  Alleged FOB or BBF is the the actual FOB.  The good news is that BBF just got an early Christmas present so he could save money for a paternity test.  The bad news for Alleged FOB is that if he doesn't hurry up and get to the hospital to attend the joyous event, ODG's baby is not going to be named after him. Soon the day before the day before Christmas baby became a Christmas Eve baby.  After much hooting and hollering and overly dramatic drama, there was a baby.  ODG then devised a highly specialized visitation plan so that everyone could see the CEB (Christmas Eve Baby) without having to be in the room with someone that they didn't like. And they all lived happily ever after.