a blanket for jack

Last October I saw this pattern for a crocheted blanket and I decided that I wanted to make it.  Rather than figure out how to make it by knitting, I decided that I would just teach myself how to crochet.  It sounds rather silly, but it wasn't all that hard thanks to Google.  It also turns out that crocheting is easier that knitting.

ripple crochet blanket for jack
I started the blanket with plenty of time to get it to Jack for Christmas, in my usual style, I didn't finish it until four months later.  Oops!  It was supposed to be a carseat blanket to keep him toasty when it was super cold out, but now it will have to find another purpose as he is in Little Rock while his mom completes her pilot training for the AK National Guard.  I doubt he will be needing it to keep him warm...

ripple crochet blanket for jack 2
However, I have been assured that a use will be found for it!

ripple crochet blanket