40 visitors! (and a sale!)

So yesterday was a huge day for Martha's So-Called Life.  I had 40 different people read something on my blog (i.e. the same 10 people did not come back 4 times)!

{photo credit: m_bartosch}

That might not really sound like a lot, but considering that the number of people that visit on a daily basis is usually around 10, it huge for me!

So...I'm passing on my celebratory mood to all of you (you are the reason I'm celebrating after all)!  I am offering 15% off your entire order from Kiva & Co.  Just enter the coupon code CELEBRATE to receive your discount.  This sale will run until August 2.  (Is anyone else a little confused as to how next week is August already?)

(I will take orders in person too, so if you live in Anchorage and I see you on a regular basis and you would like to make an order, just let me know the next time I see you)

Thanks for reading!