3 x 5 x 365 // week 2


I'm still not sure how I feel about this project.  I was pretty uninspired all week hence the random collages. I'm also (obviously) wondering when the heck we are going to get some snow around here.

The card on the bottom right was from Sunday, it was an attempt at representing the sky this morning.  I'm pretty sure that it's actually impossible to recreate what the sky looks like most of the time...even though it seems like it should be easy.  The colors are just wrong...but it was still fun to play with.

I'm hoping to do less collaging and more drawing/painting, but collages are easy when time and inspiration are lacking.  

I was listening to a podcast interview with a woman who did a drawing every day for a year.  She also blogged about it and what she learned from it.  I love that she shares all her work no matter what she thinks about it and also that she doesn't seem to be inhibited by the fact that she is going to share her work.  That's something that I am having difficulty with.  I want to make something that's worth sharing even though that is not the point at all.  

Now, go make make something!