3 step diet plan

Step 1: Feel nauseated and go to work.  Don't ever actually throw up, just eat a lot of saltines and cranberry juice.Step 2: Live in a place where it's really cold so you have to wear a lot of layers when you walk the dog.  Break a sweat getting ready, freeze while walking (because you broke a sweat while getting ready), and shiver a lot when you get home. Step 3: Have a moody heater.  This accomplishes two things.  First, it makes you want to stay in bed because it's warm there, so you are less likely snack a lot.  You will only eat when you absolutely have to.  Secondly, it causes you to have to walk downstairs (from your warm bed) every hour or so to turn the thermostat off and then on again to make it work and then return upstairs to said warm bed. And THAT my friends will 100% without a doubt make you lose weight.  It's easy and straightforward...and it works! This plan has been CLINICALLY PROVEN by (a) health professional(s)!