I help tired, worn out ladies eat clean, train mean, and become warriors of wellness.

I believe that small changes can yield big results. Change doesn’t have to be hard. Believe it or not, when it’s done right, it can feel natural.

I believe that health looks different on everyone. We already have all the tools we need to be in complete control of our health, we just need to learn how to use them

I believe that we all have the ability to be the best versions of ourselves, all we need is a little nudge in the right direction.

I believe that good nutrition and healthy habits should integrate seamlessly into our lives. 




I know you are overwhelmed by the all
the health and nutrition information that’s out there.


HERE'S A SECRET: Healthcare providers don't know everything! I believe that knowledge is power and sharing what I know about health and wellness allows people to take control of their own health and find the answers that work for them.  

Health is more than the absence of illness and I believe that it starts from the inside. Proper nutrition is the easiest and best things we can do for our health. 

Your google search history is probably riddled with phrases like “paleo vs. vegan diet” or “weight loss without dieting.” I know that you don’t have the time or energy to devote to sorting through the results of those searches to figure out what is good information and what is just a bunch of B.S. I also know that you have probably tried some of the things you found during your Google searches and they didn’t fit into your life very easily or give you the results you wanted.

everyone has different priorites, but here is what is important to me
(and I'm guessing you probably think these things are important too):


TIME: I love my afternoon naps, but I know that not everyone has that luxury. I don’t think most people want to spend multiple hours in their kitchens each day preparing healthy meals. I know I don’t. In the interest of making sure I get my afternoon nap, I have mastered the art of efficiency when it comes to healthy habits, and I want you to do the same. Everyone deserves an afternoon nap!

ENERGY: As someone who suffers from adrenal fatigue, I know my energy can be extremely limited some days (which is why I take afternoon naps). I don’t think that a journey to wellness should suck your energy from you, it should give you more energy. The time and energy we have each day to devote to “non-essential” tasks can be very limited, and since I can’t give you more time, I’ll give you more energy instead!

HEALTH: Health is different for everyone and I think that recognizing that is one of the biggest things missing from healthcare today. You are so much more than a number on the scale or lab values on a piece of paper. I think finding our own version of health is the best thing any of us can do for ourselves.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: We are complex beings with diverse interests and unique priorities. While we all have goals and aspirations, we also have the rest of our lives to live. I don’t think that we need to forget who we are, what we love, or what makes us truly happy in order to reach our goals. Sometimes we may need to adjust our priorities to make room for our goals, but there is always room for the things that make us truly happy.

A little bit more about Martha...


Family Nurse Practitioner, dog mom, and Alaska girl.

I’ve spent the last seven years working in the field of healthcare as an RN and currently as a Nurse Practitioner.

My personal journey to health began the summer of 2009 while I was waiting to begin my first job as an RN and I had the summer off, no money, and tons of time.  I read a lot of books…one of which changed the way thought about food.  

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver completely changed my perspective on the food we eat and why.

I immediately decided that I wanted to buy a farm and grow all my own food. After I realized that was not practical given my current place in life, I read as much as I could about food from as many sources as I could get my hands on.  For awhile I thought I wanted to be a vegetarian, but then I stumbled on the Paleo/Real Food lifestyle and I haven’t looked back since.

In 2014 I suddenly faced excessive fatigue and other vague symptoms that multiple doctors told me were probably stress related. I missed work and was hardly able to participate in many of the activities that I love, especially running. After a short run, I would need a three hour nap just to be able to function again. Almost a year and five doctors later, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. If it had not been for my previous experience with using food to heal myself, I would have had no idea where to start or any hope that I would ever feel good again. 

Most of us are unhealthy and have a pretty messed up relationship with food.  The road to health is not paved with 100 calorie packs, steamed broccoli, and low-fat cheese, but with real food and a balanced, natural approach to living your best life. 

I’m here to help you on your journey and to help you find what works for you so you can live a prosperous and happy life with more room for the things you love.

I’m sarcastic and often times a pessimist. The phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” is my mantra.  I cry when I laugh.  I am almost always wearing at least one article of wool clothing and I generally put on something filled with down before I go outside (except during the three months we have summer in Alaska, then I mourn the loss of my down-filled clothing). I overuse ellipses and parenthetical expressions and I am a firm believer in the serial comma. I’m a coffee snob and I love brussles sprouts…especially roasted.  My feet are always cold, which I hate, but I can’t sleep if they’re hot. I love to travel so much that I have panic attacks when the “trips” section of my Alaska Airlines app is empty.


I believe that small changes bring big results and those changes shouldn’t be hard.

I believe that we can all all be the best versions of ourselves with a little guidance.

I believe that health is individual and different for everyone.

I believe that creating healthy habits shouldn’t be hard or time consuming.


If I'm not working on building my online empire, you can find me sharing my real life on Instagram and Snapchat {martha_florence}, eating snacks, running half marathons, and knitting - though not at the same time. Don't run with needles. If you find a sale on airfare to far off places, wool clothing, or jackets, please let me know ASAP as I always need more of those things in my life!

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